Monthly Archives: February 2021

Cardano vs Ethereum — What’s the Difference?

Have you heard about Cardano and Ethereum but you’re not sure which one is better? Or maybe you’re trying to find out how it works and which protocol has the better technology? Either way, we got your back in this Cardano vs Ethereum guide. We’re going to start by introducing the background and the difference […]

Dompet Hardware Crypto Terbaik 2021 — Amankan Aset Digital Anda

Cara paling aman untuk menyimpan kripto Anda entah bagaimana melalui dompet perangkat keras kripto. Beberapa dompet perangkat keras kripto datang dengan proses otentikasi dua faktor dan kode PIN. Juga, dompet perangkat keras dapat dilampirkan ke perangkat apa pun melalui port USB. Namun, kami menyarankan Anda untuk memahami beberapa konsep sebelum memilih dompet, karena penyimpanan yang […]

A Riveting Tale: History of Ripple and the Ballad of XRP Price

What is Ripple, and why are people curious about it? Will the history of Ripple be sung just like the bards do with epics and ballads? Or will it become a tragedy that one could only wish to forget? Ripple is a fintech company that provides a real-time global payment transfer solution. The system runs […]